• Burgers stuffed w/havarti & goat cheese, homemade rolls, good wine, Lost finale. If only I'd WATCHED Lost, I'd be able to follow this. #
  • Heading to NYC this afternoon for BookExpo; will update you from the floor. #
  • Getting ready to see Denzel Washington in Fences at the Cort. #
  • I turned off MY cell phone. Don't know what was wrong with all those other fools. #
  • From BEA #1 Initial wave of voracious freebie-seekers definitely thinner this year. #
  • From BEA #2 Last tweet was answered by Norton exec standing on opposite aisle. Social networking! (I think.) #
  • Just had a run on our Story of the World globe beach balls. Mob descended on table clamoring for more. #
  • No, I'm not interested in publishing book about Buddha and flowers.Nor about cat and frog on epic journey. We're an EDUCATIONAL press. #
  • Heading to hear Frank Schaeffer, Steve Prothero, and others discuss "Future of Fundamentalism in the Obama Era." Predict it will have one. #
  • So far I am vastly unimpressed. #
  • A panel with two panelists, one intelligent and one clueless, does not a good discussion make. #
  • Words you don't want to hear from 1) your doctor, 2) your taxi driver enroute to the airport: "This looks bad." #
  • Just to amplify previous remarks: Steve Prothero NOT the clueless panelist. Go read his book. #
  • If there's something skinnier than the skins of teeth, that's what I made this flight by. #
  • Hello, house! I love my house and my own bed and my own fridge and my own books and my own dog (OK, technically DS13's dog but REALLY mine). #
  • Working on middle-grade writing curriculum all day today. Almost finished with detailed scope and sequence, hoping to tackle actual lessons. #
  • All my children have gone over to other people's houses. Naptime, here I come. #

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  • Ellen

    The burgers sound so good I am drooling. How was Denzel?

  • Deanna

    This is late, but – NO – even if you had watched every single episode of LOST you would still be lost!

  • Elizabeth

    Is it wrong to be ecstatic about a writing curriculum that will be ready when you’re children are? It’s like saying the harvest will be ready about the time you’re ready to drive!

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