• Looking at spiral and barred spiral galaxies in the backyard observatory with my father and @davidbryan. Clear, cool, real. #
  • Just spent tedious half hour untangling large blacksnake from strawberry netting. Am now running late, snake is free to mouse another day. #
  • And just spent tedious two hours with vet & horse who stuck back foot through fence. This is obviously Clueless Animal Day. #
  • Living my whole life simultaneously today: writing + online lecture + lunch with W&M dean + kids ferried to 3 different appointments. #
  • Doing the rain dance. So far, not working. #
  • Don't wanna work today. #
  • All of the Bauers (except the one in Beijing) are sharing a cold. Eww. #
  • Having dinner in Fredericksburg. Menu has an "unctuous" wine on it. Also one that "caresses the palate." Feel I should be introduced first. #
  • Home late last night thanks to epically horrendous backups on 95-S. Moving sloowwwly this morning. #
  • Trying to make the rules governing dependent clause use really, really interesting. #
  • Getting ready to take the kids riding. #

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  • Ellen

    An “unctuous” wine? Perhaps a glass (or two) would help with jazzing up the rules for dependent clauses.

    It’s just a thought.

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