• DS18 is in China. At wrong airport, unfortunately. #
  • DS18 has arrived safely in Nanchang. Whew. #
  • Trying to get service at Verizon store. Will never get these hours of my life back. #
  • Dear Verizon: when a store has 15 salespeople and 1 technical service guy, you are sending a clear message about priorities. #
  • Verizon techie, after we've spent over hour waiting in store: "Well, we don't actually FIX phones here–" #
  • If one more person who should know better misspells my name, I may have to steal a helicopter and assassinate the Russian prime minister. #
  • Everybody should kick back with me and relax for a few minutes: http://tinyurl.com/y57bzz3 #
  • Grading papers. 'Nuf said. #
  • I am really done with today. Pity it's only 11 AM. #
  • And NOW I'm done with the day. Whew. #
  • Getting ready to miss my connecting flight…unless something dramatic happens… #
  • And…I make it on AS the jetway pulls away. #
  • Apparently the "finest hotel in Springfield" only serves food until 9 PM. WAAHH. #
  • Apparently going to bed without dinner. Don't like this day. #
  • Hotel breakfast buffet (only thing available) not compensating for last night's lacks. Eating PB on toast in attempt to ingest protein. #
  • This hotel is full of Shriners. #
  • I forgot my MacBook adaptor. And I just broke the clip on the lapel mike. Waiting for water in cup to turn to blood, next. #
  • Done speaking for the day. Now there will be delicious food and drink and peace and love and joy. #
  • Friday night in Missouri atrium hotel = many stewed Shriners whooping outside my door. Not that there's anything wrong with that. #
  • Heading out for a second day of talking about books. #
  • I think my brain is broken. #
  • Saturday night in Missouri atrium hotel = local high school prom complete with shrieks and subwoofers. Stewed Shriners preferable. #
  • Sitting in Springfield airport with a cup of coffee. Peaceful morning. Peaceful airport. (Also no plane yet, but you can't have everything.) #
  • I am stranded in Chicago. #
  • United cancelled my flight for no explicable reason. Next flight tomorrow afternoon. Other airlines booked. Hate United w/perfect hatred. #
  • Now have 3 separate plane reservations for tomorrow. ONE has to take off. #

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  • Christina

    I hope your next week is much better!

  • Karol

    My girlfriends and I were also at the Springfield hotel with the stewed Shriners. Fortunately, we were on the 9th floor, and I don’t think they were able to navigate that high. Thank you so much for coming to SHEM’s Conference and sharing your knowledge with us.

  • Amy T.

    Sorry your experience in Springfield was less than impressive! I came to hear you at the SHEM conference, and I was very excited about some of the ideas you shared, particularly in the writing session. The idea that asking children to express their thoughts in writing is like asking an adult to speak in French was particularly intriguing. Thanks again, and I hope if (when) you come back, you have a nice dinner when you arrive!

  • won, park

    I have been reading the book three times..
    Though they are interpreted in korean, they are very interesting.. It is very fun to read them with my students..
    Someday we hope to see you in Korea…

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