• Taking DD9 out for Girl Day, her choice of activities. Not sure what we're doing, suspect will involve nail polish & visit to craft store. #
  • Making peanut butter & jelly muffins for breakfast. #
  • Many…pages…of…manuscript…to…read… #
  • Today was grey and wet and the first day of my workweek and filled with emails and business problems and vacuuming. Ate a LOT of chocolate. #
  • There seems to be quite a bit of "insignificant accumulation" in our front yard. #
  • Oh, look. It's snowing sideways. #
  • Snow day at William & Mary! (Yes, it makes the faculty happy too.) #
  • Wind's howling in the dark; ice crystals blowing against the windows; I have a fire in my bedroom. #
  • Heading off the grid to write; have been looking forward to this all week. #
  • I am out of India! I am out of India!!! #
  • My husband just got an invitation to join the AARP. With free membership card. We're observing a moment of silence. After howls of laughter. #
  • DD9 is eating her lunch in a cardboard box. I don't know why. #
  • Kids and DH headingto movies, I'm going to Williamsburg to work at coffee shop. Otherwise I'll just go to bed, cause today's GREY and COLD. #
  • I have fun new books to read! Connie Willis, Iain Pears, Michael Ruhlman, Brooks Hansen. #
  • Look! Snow!!! (Those are sarcastic exclamation points.) #
  • Today's fact: Henry II of England, couldn't stand to be idle; his favorite priests were the ones who could say the daily Mass REALLY FAST. #
  • DH and I both think that a werewolf flick would be the perfect Valentine's date movie. For so many reasons. #

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  • Jon Heikes

    I got my copy of the Medieval World from Amazon pre-order. It arrived several days ago. Congratulations on #2682 sales position. Was at the Des Moines, IA Barnes and Noble today and 3 copies were displayed in the most prominent spot on the “New In History” shelves.

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