(Not to be equated with “Big Foot Sightings” or “Jersey Devil Sightings.”)

This, from Tantor Media; The History of the Medieval World will be on audio! Twenty-two and a half hours (whew).

The audio version is being read by British actor John Lee, who also did Patrick O’Brian’s audio narrations. I’m delighted that the book will have such an accomplished narrator, but it’s going to be an odd experience; I hear my own voice when I read my own work, and now I’ll suddenly be British.

And male.

But I’m totally up for the transformation. I’ll be in good company. I mean, powerful wizards and elves always have British accents, right? And anyone who grew up watching Easter mini-series on TV knows that the voice of God is pure BBC.

Second sighting: front page (at least temporarily) at the History Book Club:

And finally (you have to humor me here)–an appearance at #1 on the medieval history bestseller list at Amazon.

I know, I know, I shouldn’t be checking Amazon rankings (I’m the first to say so), but I’ve written 160,000 words of Renaissance history and haven’t yet found a narrative thread (or gotten east of India), so you have to allow me SOMETHING to revel in. However briefly.

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  • Ellen

    Jesus, too, I am certain, has a British accent. At least he does in the movie “Jesus of Nazareth.” So you’re in good company. Perhaps it’s just me, but everything sounds much more urbane when said in a British accent.

  • Sligo

    In first place, with Dante running second? You’re in pretty good company!

  • e

    Dear Susan,

    How often in your life will you be able to say, that at that moment, you were out-selling Dante?


  • Sebastien


    I would say I am really enjoying your book so far :).

    I was wondering, if you know if it will be released in ebook format? I would love to be able to read it on my iphone when I do not have to space to fit a book in my bag.

    Thank you so much!

  • A Daring Adventure

    Hi Susan!!

    You had me laughing out loud! You hear your own voice and suddenly you’re British… and male… that was hilarious!

    Congratulations on your recognition. Heaven only knows how hard you’ve worked! You’ve earned it!

    I am so grateful that you have this blog. I know it’s hard work and just adds to your To Do list, but I’m really grateful it’s here and I’ve had a blast following it!

    And also, I don’t know if you’re taking future blog post suggestions… but I would LOVE to hear more about C’s experiences with his gap year opportunity. I am now the mother of a 16 year old (time flies!) and I’ve been hanging on your every word about C’s experiences.

    Blessings to you guys!

    From your biggest fan,
    K olb.i

    (sorry for the funky spacing! Don’t want to show up on Google searches!)


  • Russell Smith

    Prof. Bauer,
    I’ve been eagerly awaiting your Medeival World volume … your work on the Ancient World was quite good and I’ve commended that volume to many of my friends.

    Just wanted you to know that I just picked up my copy of the Medeival World yesterday at Joseph Beth bookstore in Cincinnati.

    Best wishes on Volume 3!

    Russell Smith

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