• Closing Peace Hill Press office tomorrow. We've got 10" of snow and VDOT has declined to plow/sand/salt/notice secondary roads. #
  • Local lane now has both sand and sunshine. Chances of accessing the outside world are rising! #
  • The heater in my office is not really cutting it today. #
  • Trying to put in an hour of renaissance-era history writing before the kids get up. #
  • Hey, I did more Ladakh history this morning than most people do all day!…er….ever… #
  • Must…go…run…now. Cold. Grey. Wet. Ick. #
  • No, please, stop your truck in the middle of the road and chat. It's not like anyone USES this road to go to WORK. #
  • Happy to discover from tonight's lecture on narrative structure that the original Star Wars trilogy is back in fashion with undergrads. #
  • Have been working in Charlottesville today. You know forecast is bad when Charlottesvillians are storming Harris Teeter for bread & milk. #
  • Grey sky. Mud. Dirty snow. Hate February. #
  • Oh, look. Sleet. #
  • OK, I've had it. I'm declaring a snow day. Cookies and games instead of math and Latin. #
  • Braving the elements to clean paddock: wearing husband's sweatshirt, father's boots, grandfather's down coat. I feel pretty/Oh, so pretty… #
  • Kids out skating on the church parking lot this morning. Obviously, no church. #

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  • Christina

    These made me laugh!
    If you like Star Wars references, come visit. 🙂 But be warned, it’s silly. (A warning since most of the rest of my blog is completely the opposite of silly-and, yes, that is a joke.)

  • Christine

    My dislike of Feb. is growing.

    We had two feet of snow. . .

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