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  • Jeremy R. Shown

    I thought you might be interested in this discussion of empty grocery store shelves during snow storms.


  • Christina

    My parents are in Richmond, and I think they are astounded at all of the snow these last few weeks!
    That last picture is so lovely.
    Your daughter looks like she is having so much fun. Here in Dallas, the indoor rink at the Galleria works for us. 🙂 I think my nine year old would much rather be there!

  • Melissa in Australia

    those winter photos look so cool and inviting. especially as we are sweating it out here in the middle of summer.

  • Linda

    You might be from North Dakota IF…..You see beautiful icicles hanging from a roof and you think…WHOA…that building is bleeding heat through it’s roof.

    It’s a knee-jerk reaction. We can’t help ourselves.

    It’s a bit like…You might be from North Dakota if you don’t think it’s cold unless your eye lashes stick together when you blink.


    If you’ve ever been to Washington, DC and your children notice you have the only car with an electrical plug hanging out the front of your car. The corollary being…if you’ve ever asked your child if he remembered to plug in his car…and it isn’t because it’s an electric vehicle.


    IF your stunned to learn that four-wheel drive is not standard equipment on all SUV’s in other parts of the country.. Still can’t quite get over that one. Why would anyone purchase a Suburban or other SUV…if you didn’t need the four-wheel drive to navigate winter roads? Kind of makes you scratch your head doesn’t it?

  • Sahamamama

    What is that igloo-like contraption in the background (behind Emily) in the first photo? Your daughter is adorable, of course, but that silver, bungee-corded, air-conditioned (?) dome-thing has me intrigued.

    Hmmm. My husband and I are discussing this, we are completely clueless, and we should be in bed. We’re going to guess. My guess: It’s a shelter for goats. My husband’s guess: It’s a mini-observatory. Who gets first prize? 🙂

  • Susan

    Mini-observatory. 🙂

  • Sahamamama

    Thanks, Susan. You have made my husband’s day, LOL. He’s the amateur astronomer here, and he’s drooling over that little toy in your backyard. And he’s pining for some non-New Jersey night-time skies, so we can SEE something up there besides the eternal glow from the car lot next door. Someday…..

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