• Back to work this morning. Still slightly peeved that New Orleans was colder than Virginia in January. #
  • DD9's pony bears an increasingly strong resemblance to a goat. With a big hairy beard. And yellow teeth. And a propensity for biting things. #
  • DS16 has learned to play the first lines of Free Falling on the guitar. He's playing them. And playing them. And playing them. And– #
  • Working on the history of Dutch Sri Lanka this morning. #
  • I live in an insane asylum. #
  • So wish Pat Robertson lived in some other state. We don't claim him. #
  • Heading off the grid to write. #
  • OK. Had to come back ON the grid to make sure welltrainedmind.com server issues were resolved. Leaving again. #
  • Tonight seeking refuge from too much history & too much news in TiVo'd mindlessness. Doesn't Victoria Beckham looks like a praying mantis? #
  • Beginning of DS18's last day at home. Coping by cooking him anything he wants to eat. Lots of muffins and cookies so far. #
  • Heading to a Bauer niece's wedding in Baltimore, DS18 flies out afterwards on Ethiopian Air. #
  • Back home in Charles City; DS18 is in the air over the Atlantic. #
  • DS18 just texted from Addis Ababa: two legs of flight are finished, two more to go. #

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