• PW review of History of the Medieval World is a good one! http://www.publishersweekly.com/article/CA6711352.html?industryid=47159 #
  • Psyching up for last week of work/school before Christmas holiday. Could use my own personal theme song playing heroically in background. #
  • Helping DS18 with college applications. Incidentally, Common Application should not be taken to imply "common application fee." #
  • Getting ready to take the office out to lunch: combined celebration of Christmas/new writing workbook to printer/SOTW Kindle launch. #
  • Office celebration ended up with pedicures for all. Sole male member of office was very good sport. Have promised batting cages next time. #
  • Heading off the grid and into the Renaissance for the day. #
  • On my way over to the Peace Hill Press office to work on the 2010 catalog! #
  • Snow!! Snow!! #
  • Er…Snow!!! Sleet!!! ….Stuff!!! #
  • Heading off the grid for the week: snow, Christmas, carols, presents, lots and lots of food. See you after Boxing Day. #

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