• News from Seattle: my twin nephews have arrived! #
  • must…finish…timelines…today… #
  • Server issues at welltrainedmind.com…please be patient. #
  • That's family business: server repair temporarily interrupted by doctor appointment for 3-day-old twins. Welltrainedmind.com back shortly– #
  • And…we're live! Thanks, Bob. #
  • Why are boys so fascinated with throwing knives?….Actually, don't answer that. #
  • On what seems like 15th read-through/typo-hunt of Medieval World ms. (But some Amazon review will STILL complain about "careless typos.") #
  • Heading to Maryland to speak at national conference for Montessori teachers. #
  • Apparently, hot spot to hang out in Columbia, MD is the Sheraton "business center" with attached bar. Which is right outside my room. Grrr. #
  • It's a rainy, grey, cold morning in Columbia, MD. #
  • High of FORTY-THREE DEGREES today. FORTY-THREE. If I wanted October weather like this, I'd move to Canada (no offense to Dave Bryan et al). #
  • First pics of niece & new nephews in Seattle: http://bit.ly/4tKmR6 #
  • Just finished talking about writing for 3 1/2 hours…those Montessori folks are GREAT at staying awake in the late afternoon. #
  • Stopped in Richmond on the way home to hear a friend's band play at an Irish pub. Got in bed 1:30 AM. Too…old… #
  • Disgusting cold rainy days: tailor-made for guilt-free napping. #

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  • Sandy in MI

    Here in the Land Time Forgot, 43 degrees is downright balmy! Today we’re all a bit giddy ’cause the estimated high is 52. Yippee!

    Niece and nephews are very cute and cuddly.

  • Keeley

    It’s ridiculously cold in TN also. I go running at an hour of the morning so early it should be banned – and it’s soooo cooooold.

    OTOH…..Sandy, we used to live in MI too. For fifteen years every winter I begged my husband “Get us out of here!” Ooooohhhhh my gosh I don’t envy you that cold weather. So glad it’s a little warmer than normal for you there. =) If it helps you feel better, I heard a long-term weather forecast that said the north of the US would be unseasonably warm and dry and the south would be unseasonably cold and wet this winter.

    The Land Time Forgot. ROFL! =D

    And your niece and nephew are excessively cute, Susan. =)

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