My brother Bob (super-tech/father of brand-new twins) has been suggesting for at least a year that I start a new blog over at for topics that are purely home-school related: news, reflections, and opinions. We’re up and live at The Well-Trained Mind Blog, so if you’re interested in home education, head over there and post a comment. (And then be sure to come back.)

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  • Matt Colflesh

    Thanks for keeping us updated on developments within the homeschooling world and how our culture is responding! We started WTM this year with our 9-year old. Keep the posts coming – what are some of your other favorite news portholes? Thanks again for your thoughtful work(s)!

  • Jenny

    Oh goodie–I’ve been trolling your “writer web site” for homeschool tidbits, so this will be a great timesaver for me! 🙂

  • Jenny

    PS: your new blog wasn’t accepting comments (at least, not from my computer!) even though I have a WordPress account. FYI

  • Melanie

    I look forward to reading it…but I don’t have a word press account so I can’t comment over there…

  • Christine Guest

    I’m always happy when my blog subscription indicates that you’ve updated this blog, So another blog will be great.

    I haven’t yet told my son who hates to use capital letters and punctuation that you’ve joked(?) about 16 edits of the new book, but I plan to: yes, you have to edit too son.

  • Susan

    I think we’ve adjusted the new site to accept comments–give it a try and let me know if you’re still having trouble.

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