• Today's project: DS15 has to sit at an intersection for 30 minutes, recording how many cars run yellow lights. Thanks, driving school. #
  • Explaining to my husband that winning two games of Settlers in a row can NOT be describe as a "streak." #
  • Wow. That was a family day chock full of sugar. #
  • I want to kill. The computer. And the tech guy. And Bill Gates. In that order. #
  • Today went: work, school with kids, work, school with kids. Time to join dogs and children in pool. #
  • Just to clarify, people: nothing but Macs in my house. Billing computer at office=windows. Because the evil empire's tentacles are there. #
  • Galley reading: have just noticed that all em-dashes have been rendered as en-dashes. Does that mean I've got to mark EVERY SINGLE ONE? #
  • Office happy dance + champagne: the billing computer is finally Doing Its Thing! #
  • Spell-checking names of Persian kings. Zamasb is a funny name. Zamasb, Zamasb, Zamasb. #
  • I keep telling myself: First-pass galleys are always rough. It will be OK. It will. Really. #
  • OK, Mr. Typesetter: is it not clear that Soga Iname should not be rendered as Soga I. Name??? #
  • I don't wanna read galleys any more, I want to go eat pied de cochon at the Blue Talon. #
  • So what I actually HAD for dinner: potato chips and a Reese's peanut butter cup while reading galleys. #
  • Have been away from the computer today READING GALLEYS. #
  • I was all for compassionate leave until I saw the hero's welcome: http://bit.ly/15ufWx #
  • And now back to the distant past: galleys (again). #
  • You know, it bugs me when people complain about typos in my books. They should see how many I CAUGHT. #
  • I know the difference between a stem duchy and a plain old duchy. Nah, nah, nah. #
  • And it's Sunday. Music, casseroles, liturgy…galley-reading. #

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  • Christine

    This galley reading business can easily make one glad that all they “publish” is their blog!

  • Keeley

    “I keep telling myself: First-pass galleys are always rough. It will be OK. It will. Really. #”

    Wait…..you mean you have to do this AGAIN?????

    So, spill the beans, what’s a stem duchy and a plain old duchy? At first I read “Ducky” and imagined a sunflower stem with a rubber ducky on the top. Ernie would like that.

    On second look I realized it was “Duchy” and am imagining someone in Holland being…..stemy.

    I had to look up what pied de cochon was. PIG TROTTERS???
    1. GAH! Ew!
    2. What?
    3. Gah! Ew!
    4. Imagining a cupcake made to look like a pied de cochon and it made me giggle
    5. How come most things sound better in French? Being English, I still haven’t gotten over William the Conqueror.

  • Cobi

    Hi! I am just beginning “The Story of the World” curriculum with my children at home. We live in a very small town and our public library does not own any of the books you recommended. Do you have any advice for purchasing these books or know of a website rental service? Thank you

  • Linda

    The last line in your acknowlegement for “The History of the Ancient World” reads…

    sumus exules, vivendi quam auditores

    For a non-Latin scholar would you translate?

  • TheMuffinMom

    Still feel like killing Bill Gates? The solution: get a Mac!

    I am bad with computers anyway, so the thought of switching away from PC made terrified me, but after reading the gazillionth positive Mac review (always from fellow writers!), I switched to a Mac.

    My only gripe: that I didn’t switch sooner! They are SO much hardier, never freeze up, don’t get viruses, the list goes on and on . . . and you can get Windows on them, so they don’t feel foreign or different than a PC–except that they WORK BETTER!! 🙂

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