• Day off: time to go play Settlers with husband. #
  • Walking to work through the woods. #
  • Coming back from work through woods: Given ride by teenaged son on RTV. Still hyperventilating. #
  • Work, school, violin lesson, library, dinner-fixing, horse-feeding. Almost time to collapse slug-like and watch TV with mouth hanging open. #
  • Just woke up from anxiety dream: was taking the GRE at base camp at Mount Everest and it was ALL calculus. Must mean something. #
  • Looong morning. Now it's time to eat cookies and play board games with the kids. Yes, I know that sugar is a constant theme in my tweets. #
  • Heading off the grid to write, think, walk. #
  • Obedience training German shepherd; he's way more enthusiastic when I'm holding little pieces of hot dog. #
  • Yesterday: Shop Class (aka "Trying To Get Mower Started") with DS15 and grandfather kind of swallowed the rest of school.Trying again today. #
  • DD8 is hunting for dragon eggs. #
  • Contemplating dinner: roast chicken, biscuits, fresh corn on the cob, blueberry cobbler. I love the summer garden. #
  • Wrestled with the 12th century, practiced piano/sewed/cooked with kids, ate Oreos, walked. Pretty good day. #

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  • DWP

    SWB mentions board games here and in a more recent tweet. I’m curious about good board games and have posted a thread at the TWTM website (http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1113961#post1113961) for anyone who wants to offer his/her thoughts.

    David Prewitt

  • SC

    Susan, Thank you so much for all you have done to help me home school. I am so thankful! I just read (Yes, I am a late home school bloomer) TWTM.

    I have a writing question. We began our ’09-’10 school year today, and I am already wondering how I am going to do this.

    My own fledgling writing career is flapping it’s awkward wings. How do you write and home school? Are your children older? I cannot concentrate on what I am writing for teaching and mothering (which is my primary job). When do I write if not while they are in school, while the husband is at work? The last thing he wants is to see me glued to the computer when he gets home. But now I have writing obligations, besides loving it!

    Do I stay up late? Get up early? Postpone till they’re 18?

    Help me?

  • Susan


    How old are your children?


  • Cyndi G

    Corn on the cob…..blueberries…….oh, how great!!! love those garden foods…….Question: was the chicken one of yours??? And, didn’t know you sewed. What are you working on??

  • SC

    Susan, They are 11 and 3.

  • Donna Hamstra

    “tweets” is just 2 candy canes away from “sweets!”

  • Jami

    I highly recommend “Agricola”, David for fans of “Settlers”. Your 11 year old could handle it, our 8 year old enjoys the simplest family version.

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