• Like the rest of the movie going world, I want to know what happened to Christian Bale’s larynx. #
  • Hmm. Now we know why Christian Bale lost it on the set. He was thinking, THIS is my SCRIPT? #
  • So THAT’S how you wipe out super advanced robot. String a rope across the road and trip it. #
  • At least Leonard Nimoy kept his clothes on. #
  • Oh, look. The robot is offering his heart. Now if the Scarecrow offers his brain… #
  • Off the grid today for family day/Memorial Day/first day with new puppy (going to pick her up from breeder this morning). #
  • At the Richmond airport, heading for NYC and BookExpoAmerica. Left husband with four children and two new puppies. Feeling slightly guilty. #
  • Just spent $8 on toothbrush. Next time will go to drugstore on Lex instead of hoity-toity “Chemist” on Madison. #
  • Sun is shining in Bryant Park. Sitting at a table outside the Grill reading Sir Thomas More and wishing I were hungry. #
  • Problem with sitting and writing in cafes: there are too many that are perfect for sitting and writing. I’m very, very full now. #
  • Heading down to the Javits center for BookExpo setup. Not my favorite part of the experience… #
  • Booth set up, ready to go. Heading out now to see Rupert Everett and Angela Lansbury in Blithe Spirit… #
  • I want to be Angela Lansbury when I’m 84. Amazing command of craft: every movement has a purpose. And she’s so SPRY. And enjoying herself. #
  • Getting ready for the conference opening. Always, first thing: mad rush of freebie-seekers through hall, grabbing everything in sight. #
  • Probably ought to enjoy NYC and head out for night on the town. Instead curled up on 10th floor with old episodes of the Office and cookies. #
  • Sunlight on the tenth-floor patio: notebook, paper, coffee, laptop, blue sky, clean early morning; no demanding voices, no rush. #
  • Darn. Walking out of Norton booth to catch plane, Michael Lewis walking in. Would have liked to trail around after him like crazed fan. #
  • Dislike JFK. Actively HATE Delta. Think they seek out unhappy people to hire. #
  • Must. Get. Out. Of. Bed. Stood in heels on concrete floor for 2 days; body now objecting loudly. Yes, had to wear heels. They were PRETTY. #
  • Got out of bed. Went to church. Went back to bed. Writing: hard work. Publishing: hard work. Publicity: hard work. All three: lethal. #

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  • Sharla

    i love these twitter updates. i don’t twitter, but to read yours at a glance–it’s hilarious. and refreshing.
    my best friend who now lives in the homeland of kentucky fried chicken got to see you in ohio. she went to every session she could possibly make (with three kids in tow.) i’m about to spend the weekend with her and i will pick her brain! seriously, we’re like your biggest fans.

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