• There’s a fingernail moon tonight, but the sky is black; an impossibly thick dusting of stars. #
  • Family day today: bringing home German shepherd puppy for DS12. I have mixed feelings. #
  • This puppy is really really really cute. Not that anyone else should get suckered into acquiring one. But he’s all fuzzy and fat and happy. #
  • Puppy has discovered new mother: separate him from DS12 and he howls pathetically. DS12: “There must be something really lovable about me!” #
  • Getting ready to introduce my mother to Powerpoint. Be afraid. Be very, very, very afraid. #
  • I am catching a cold. GROSSLY UNFAIR. #
  • Taking DS12 horseback riding. Ignoring my fresh cold. If I deny it long enough it will cease to exist. #
  • Long morning. Cleaned paddock, mulched strawberries, unloaded new catalogs, did music theory/math/reading, looking forward to naptime. #
  • Getting ready for the Williamsburg conference all day today: http://www.welltrainedmind.com/wtmconference.php #
  • Heading back to Williamsburg for the second and final day of the conference: hope the hotel AC is working a little better today. #
  • Getting ready to do Workshop #9 (in two days). My brain hurts. #
  • Suffering from “conference hangover”: extreme reluctance to get out of bed combined with a desire to never talk again. #
  • Only in Charles City: church member says to me right before sermon, “Hey, I brought you some almost-expired horse wormer for a present!” #

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  • Cyndi Glass

    Ahhhh……as a pastor’s wife I totally understand! My husband and I wanted to come to your church Sun but decided to do it too late and did not have time to find it. We did drive through on Hwy 5 and saw the beautiful land, lots of plantations and fields. What a great place to live. Thanks for suffering through the heat on stage and the long hours of brain pain. The conference was absolutely fantastic. I bought your book 9 years ago and implemented it immediately, or at least most of it. But some things I wasn’t sure of. My son is now 23 and doing online courses for a degree and is doing just fine, thanks to your direction, Susan. And since I still have 3 girls(10-16) to teach, your instructions on the writing and reading this weekend were invaluable. It plugged all the holes of what I really didn’t understand but used anyway all these years!!! Everything at the conference seemed to run very smoothly. Tell Suzanne a great big thank you! I do hope your are going to do this again. Colonial Williamsburg is always a favorite. We have been there a couple of times before. What a treat for us. We cannot thank you enough!!! And your boys are so wonderful. So glad they could be there with you and your mom. Thanks for sharing all that you shared. Thank you again!!

  • Cyndi Glass

    Well, everyone……I just checked back today, and I certainly sounded arrogant! As a pastor/farmer’s wife, I should have said! We used to have goats and cows, and every Sunday, right before the sermon, one of the men would talk to my husband about the cows, a new feed, some kind of antibiotic for them, etc., never realizing his mind was not on that subject and he would probably never remember it! I watch your posts often, Susan, because I love the farm element. We do so wish we lived on one now. Oh well,……
    I did want to share with you conversations I had with my kids the past couple of days. After we got home, I also had conference hangover!! But after that, I talked to my two oldest about the outlining procedure, feeling that I hadn’t done enough with it. They both confirmed how glad they were they had done it. They didn’t rewrite, they only did the outlining part. But that alone helped them both very much – one in his classes, the other in her daily studies at home. And then just this morning, I was talking with my 16 year old about an essay she wrote last week. We talked about being able to diagram her own sentences to check them. I could see a lightbulb go on in her head. Ahhh…. but she needs a lot more instruction and now she’s ready to receive it. She loves writing, so it somehow clicked with her.
    Thanks so much Susan. You gave really great practical as well as “the reasons behind it” help in your workshops!!! And that is soooo what I need right now in what I call “round 2” of my homeschooling!
    I hope you get a good break before your next round of workshops!!!

  • DebonLI

    You had a cold at the LI conference last year, just about this time of year. Hope you feel better quickly!

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