Story of Western Science_978-0-393-24326-0.inddNote: this book was originally published as “The Story of Science,” but my publisher has now changed the title to “The Story of Western Science.”

“Far too often, issues based on science are decided by voters and politicians who have received their science secondhand. The Story of Science guides us back to the original texts that have changed the way we think about our world, our cosmos, and ourselves.” My latest book for W. W. Norton, The Story of Western Science: From the Writings of Aristotle to the Big Bang Theory, now has a pub date: May 2015.

This has been a wonderful project–a chronological walk through the greatest discoveries of science, organized around the books that brought those discoveries to the world. You can read the full description at W. W. Norton’s online catalog page, The Story of Western Science. (Norton does the most intriguing, insightful book covers ever, by the way. Can you see what makes this one perfect for a story that stretches from the ancient astronomers to modern cosmologists?)

Visit the Table of Contents here (manuscript version) for more detail, or have a look at the Foreword, which lays out the book’s purpose.

More news forthcoming shortly about a new Fall 2015 release, plus a brand-new and INCREDIBLY FASCINATING project. Sign up for my email notification list to stay in touch.

  • Elizabeth

    I can’t wait! My little boys loved your Story of the World. My teenage boys enjoyed your longer history series (but are still waiting for the last ones…though I can’t blame you!). Now my young adult boys–in science and engineering at university–await this volume. I’m so glad they were able to grow up with your books.
    And for the flack you are sure to experience because you might have an occasional opinion on a scientific discovery…well, I’m sorry you have to experience that. Please try to ignore them!

    And thanks…

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