So many of you would like an ARC that I’m going to see whether I can winkle two more out of Norton and give away three copies instead of one. That improves the odds a little bit, right? On September 25, I’ll draw names and post the winners. If you’d like to add yourself to the drawing, just post a comment to the blog entry below this one.

Now that my husband is back, I have managed to finish off checking those first pass pages.

I found lots and lots of small errors, about half of which were mine (misspellings, words left out) and the other half of which were the typesetter’s (eliminated and transposed lines, weird line breaks, repeated words). Almost half of the time lines were set incorrectly. Instead of using the hard copies that I sent, which showed where each name and event should go, the typesetter apparently printed out another copy from the electronic file–which changed all the spacings.

Here are all the corrections, marked with yellow flags:

I added the acknowledgment and dedication pages, which always go in late, and shoved it in a box (I do realize these pictures are more interesting to me than to anyone else….):

I regret to say that, while I was plowing through the first pass, my fall cold turned into pleurisy. (Doesn’t that sound like a Victorian ailment? Like gout.) So I had to go and get an anti-inflammatory shot yesterday, and now I’m languishing around the house in my pink bathrobe. To cap the week off, it’s pouring outside. So I summoned my second son and entrusted him with the box. Here he is, heading out to take it to the Peace Hill Press office so that they can UPS it back to Norton for me,

and here he is, triumphantly returning (with helpful older brother).

Thank goodness that’s done. By the time I was on page 800, I was choking on my own prose.

In closing: I’m happy to point out that the new books by Norton authors Michael Lewis and Ian Toll, both of whom I had dinner with at BookExpo in May, have gotten starred reviews from Publisher’s Weekly, which is a very high honor indeed.

Next week I should have some interesting news about the process of getting a dissertation published. So stay tuned.

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  • angela reed

    Put my name in too!! I’d love a copy.

  • Lizzy (an AF wife)

    Um, I already stuck my name in… but I couldn’t resist asking,
    how do you “winkle”… is that like, “wrangle”?

    Anyway, thanks for improving our odds.

    We are an odd bunch, aren’t we?
    (Ak! Corny jokes. It’s waaayyy too late.)

  • Kursten

    Put my name on the list as well. I am teaching a class from book 1 of SOTW and would love to read the “Grown Up” version

  • Susan

    Please put my name in the drawing too. Thanks!

  • Heather Q.

    Am I the only one is the world who can’t resist clicking on photos with bookcases in the background? I like to attempt to read the titles, see if anyone has discovered a new and actually entertaining author, or see if something I have possibly misjudged as a waste of time is actually owned by someone else. I am a book voyeur.

    My observations: Those cliff notes on your shelf…I find them oddly comforting and I have the same (I think) Dictionary of Quotations.

    I am currently “without author”, which is a distressing state for me. I am going to have to delve back into rereading my A. Christie/N. Marsh stash!

  • RegularMom

    Oh, ow….pleurisy, huh? I had that a few years ago. It was awful. I feel for you. Get well soon.

  • Terri Clements

    I hope your recovery is quick and uneventful. Pleurisy is no fun at all! You and your loved ones are in my prayers. Thanks for the chances on the new book.

  • janene

    please put my name in too! hope you’re feeling better soon.
    By the way, I enjoy your photos too.

  • Kirsten Merryman

    Uninteresting photos… I don’t know, there’s nothing that gets my heart pumping like a box with goodies in it (the UPS fellow is one of my favorite people). It doesn’t matter what’s inside – books, homeschool curricula, slippers… I just get so jazzed about mail.

    I’d like to put my name in the hat for an ARC, too, please.

  • The Tutor

    Ugh. Praying that you feel better soon.

    I’m looking forward to hearing how your dissertation is progressing. Thank you for sharing all of these parts of your life (publishing, school, whizz-bang machines…. well, life). It is fascinating.

  • Sandy Burr

    You can throw my name in the hat! I’m just over the pestilential stage of the latest rhinovirus attacking Marquette, which felled me like an oak. Pleurisy sounds a lot sneakier and much more insidious. So, how many days did it take you to peruse 800 pages?

  • Todd Harris

    Please add me to the drawing. Thanks!

  • moira novack

    I love everything you write!! Add me to the list to win an ARC!

  • Lori

    Yow. I like editing, but probably I’d have a raging headache (if not pleursy) from editing that.

    I told my hubby the other night that I want to read your dissertation. He looked at me like I’d lost my mind.

  • Liz K

    Howdy neighbor; I’m following your curriculum in New Kent and would love to read up on my history along with the kids. Drop my name in please!

  • Kimberly R

    I would love to be included in your drawing!

    Mahalo! (thank you!)

  • dthaase

    What an accomplishment! Sign me up for the give-a-way. I am grateful for your work and how it has guided my educational prusuits with my children.

  • Blueydcid

    Oh boy! A new book. I would love to be included in your give away. Hope you’re feeling better.

  • Stacie W

    I am so excited for this new book of yours. Please put my name in the drawing. My kids are also excited. My 11 year old son saw an advertisement for “The Story of the World” series of books and went nuts. “Mom, do we have all of these?!? We need them all.” We already have them all and are loving them. Thanks for all you do for the rest of us homeschool moms. I don’t know how you do all you do, except that your husband and parents must be a lot of help and support. Confession time–I secretly enjoyed reading about you trying to do everything while your hubby was gone. It is easy to start thinking you are a super-human woman with all you write about doing. Best wishes to you and your family.

  • AmyHinCT

    I’m so excited about this new book, as my children and I have just begun “The Story of the World” this year.
    I’m sorry to hear that you’re ill and will be praying for your speedy recovery!

  • Gem

    Please add my name to the hat!

  • BarbH

    Please add my name to the drawing! I remember getting a copy of the 1st activity guide (I think!) for SOTW I via a .doc file or something…wow, that must have been 5 years ago or so.

    I’m really excited to read your new books. I remember meeting you in Louisville and I sure hope you make it to St. Louis again soon!

  • zaynab

    will you add my name to the hat? thanks!!

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