This morning Dan found the biggest egg ever in the nesting boxes. Not just an egg. An EGG.

That’s ONE egg in the pan.

Somewhere out there, a chicken is lying down to recover.

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  • Karen

    I feel for that hen. My last baby was 12 pounds at birth, and that picture of Dan comparing the EGG to a normal egg reminds me of how my baby looked in the nursery, lined up with all the normal-sized babies.

  • Angie (WI)

    You just fried the ugly duckling!

    : )

  • CW

    Did it have two yolks?!

  • Twigs

    I would loved to have see what would have hatched out of that one!

  • Melissa in Australia

    we get double yolkers pretty often. they are usually laid by an older hen. we have one hen that lays one every 3 days.
    they don’t hatch.

  • Heatherlee

    My parents have chickens. All of us women always feel so bad when we find one of those big whoppers. It’s even worse when it’s one of the little hens. You just really feel for the ladies. At least we get a little break. They do that every single day.

  • Sandy B.


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