• Family day. COOKIES FOR DINNER. #
  • Started the day with 47 emails in my Priority A email box. Now have 24. Unfortunately, those are the 24 most complicated… #
  • Polishing up lecture I didn't give last Wednesday because I was in ER w/DD9 (who is fine–currrently outside, whacking things with a stick). #
  • Just got off elevator to RIC terminals. Filled with very happy guys: "Hey, you flying into Cancun?" Me: "No, New Jersey." #
  • Heading out to walk and think (and shiver) in Central Park. #
  • Free Friday at MOMA + Tim Burton exhibit = line of twentysomethings 11 blocks long. #
  • Heading down to St. Bartholemew's to hear the Tallis Scholars ("rock stars of Renaissance music"). #
  • Renaissance polyphony is the BOMB. #
  • Ice skating and daffodils in Central Park. #
  • Rizzoli's on West 47th: thank you for shelving the History of the Medieval World face-out! #

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  • mary ijaz

    Hi, I am a 46 yr old single mother of 6. I’m not particularly smart, I don’t have a college degree, and I’m on welfare. Probably not the typical reader of your books. But I like Vol 1 of your history of the ancient world series so much I am going to buy it (at some point). I read 10-20 pages a night before I sleep, and have checked it out 4 times all ready from the library. I’m so glad that vol 2 is out. Now I don’t have to worry about what I will read when I finish 1. Thank you for such a wonderful book.

  • Julana

    I picked up History of the Medieval World at our local (central Ohio) Borders last week. It was laying face up on a table of books featured in the history section.

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