Wish there were something interesting about publishing to post here, but for the last two weeks I’ve been either writing (that whole 4-10 AM thing) or dealing with my plague-stricken family, pretty much around the clock. A few weeks ago, Pete had the flu and then I had the flu. Then the kids got runny noses. Then it went away. (Or so we thought.) But a week ago Pete started coughing again, and he’s been down with a high fever all week. Apparently, you CAN get the flu twice if it’s a different strain than the first…

Then the kids started running fevers, one at a time….

And now the Last Woman in the House is Not Alone.

More on publishing next week, as long as…well, you know…

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  • Ugh. Hope everyone gets well (and stays well) soon.

  • Nicole

    Sounds familiar. Our family (with 6 kids 9 & under)went through this the week of Thanksgiving, then again in late January. The first time we were all sick within a few days of each other, and the second time it was one at a time. That really makes the cleanup hard!

  • Lyn

    Yikes! I’ve prayed for you and hope that everyone can speedily get well and stay that way!

  • Lorna

    I hope some good Spring sunshine comes your way to clear away those Winter blues.

  • A Circle of Quiet


    I am so sorry.



  • Anita

    I take it you went and saw I Am Legend. My family enjoyed that movie.

    Sorry your family is down again. Will send thoughts of chicken noodle soup and orange juice your way.

  • Kay

    hahahaha…. we just rented I Am Legend this past weekend….

    but i have 2 sick here now…. so you have my total sympathy and commiseration!

  • Kathryn Louis

    I’ll pray for your family and you, but for purely selfish reasons.

    I seriously want to read the next book. I love your writing style and the comfortable way in which you describe everything. It’s almost as easy as a novel (not easy in the sense of dumbed-down, but smooth, exciting, and interesting).

    Really though, I hope you all get better soon. One year we went through something like this. A trip to the Caribbean cured us all. The sunshine just fried those terrible germs. By all means go:)

  • Maddie

    Dear Susan,

    Hope you all are feeling better, the 7 of us did the whole flu thind for 3 weeks in rotation and then again starting two weeks later. If it were an option I would have stuck my head in a oven, but since ours is electric I did not think it would do any good. During our plague time very little formal schooling got done but lots of History Channel was watched. I was thrilled at how much even my little boys were able to follow and comment on since they are big time fans of your books.

    I admire your 4-10am plan and wish you well in getting your book done since we waiting for it with baited breath.


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