Dear readers, I would NEVER tell you to go rearrange the shelves at Barnes & Noble. No, I would not. Oh, no, certainly not.

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  • Kimber

    The idea of books being rearranged at B&Ns all across America, seemingly random, is a tempting thought. My writer’s group meets there regularly. I wonder if I’ll be able to control myself? Hm?

  • angela reed

    wink wink, nod nod!

  • Angela, Mother Crone

    Okay, so now what do I do with the kids for a field trip? They were really looking forward to the “game” I had created! 😉

    I can only imagine your frustration after all that work. I am counting down the days for ours!

  • The Tutor

    Say no more, say no more. 🙂

  • Suzanne

    I would never think of such a thing. 😉

  • Sherrill in WA

    Hey, anytime, anywhere, any bookstore I go into, if I see a SWB book, I always turn it so the cover is facing out, instead of just the spine. Have done it for years.

    Just thought you’d like to know. I’ll prowl our local bookstores this week and see what I can do.


  • Amy Callahan

    Hummmm, I guess we could fit a trip to the bookstore into our curriculium today. LOL

  • Katie in VA

    Belated congrats, Dr. Bauer! Just wanted to tell you that I am enjoying the book immensely! I had one of those elementary/high school educations where we covered Ancient Egypt in two weeks, Ancient Greece in two weeks, Ancient Rome in three weeks, and then on to US History and forget about the rest of the world! How sad that I had to wait until now to be educated about all the history I was missing…but how fun to read about it in your book! As for the book: readable, thought-provoking, enlightening…what can I say more? Thanks for all your work! And don’t worry, any B&N that I can get to in central Virginia will find their stock mysteriously rearranged…

  • Katrina

    Um…what would we get? I saw the pictures of cookies and cakes and all sorts of goodies on your countertop. Just making an observation…(ha-ha)

  • Susan

    Awww…all you guys make me feel SO much better. And ashamed of myself for whining. Happy reading!


    P.S. Provide proof of book-shifting and I’ll send you a batch of chocolate chip cookies. 🙂

  • mike

    Man, I was thinking of taking a pic on my razr today!! I’ll go back, take the pic, and figure out how to transfer images from my phone.

    BTW, the book is thick. Two copies fit nicely onto the little ‘what’s new in history’ section.

  • Mom2Three

    Dark sunglasses. Check. Trench coat. Check. Headed to B and N for furtive activity in the stacks. . .

  • Sherrill in WA

    OK, reporting back in ; ). I went to our area B&N last night, and your book is prominently displayed in the history section under “new arrivals.” In addition, it is scheduled to be on the “New in Hardbound” table front and center just inside the front door starting the 27th.

    So, while it’s already in the store, it will still make it to display. At least in Tri-Cities, WA, you will have your week in the sun.

    No, I didn’t do anything to shift it, because it was already very prominently displayed. So, I didn’t earn any cookies *pout.*

    Hope this helps you feel a little better,

  • Sue Meholick

    You *are* planning on writing highschool level texts for the other 3 years, right? (He asked him knowingly…nudge, nudge…)

  • Katie in VA

    Well, mission accomplished in Midlothian, VA. I went into B&N tonight, and your book WAS face-out, but WAS NOT in the new arrivals section. Suffice it to say, it is now.

  • Connie Scholten

    Well, Dr. Bauer, the task is accomplished. I went into B&N this evening and your book was on the New History shelf way in the back of the store. I took the 2 copies that were there and moved them to the front of the store and placed them on the New Nonfiction table out front. I do have pics to document and will send them on to you tomorrow….I can already taste those choc chip cookies……yum!

  • leslie

    Put two copies face out at Borders (went there because I had a gift card) and bought a copy for my son. Looking forward to seeing you in Orlando! Congratulations on your doctorate, too.

  • Connie Scholten

    Picture 1: Two copies in the back of the store on New History shelf at B&N in Modesto, CA

    Picture 2: Me removing the two copies to place in the front of the store

    Picture 3: Two copies on new non-fiction table in the front of the store

    Picture 4: Proof! I did it!

    Is this proof enough to qualify, Dr. Bauer, for a batch of yummy choc. chip cookies?

  • Susan

    OK, I’m laughing. And the cookies will be in the mail.


  • Connie Scholten

    Your personal ninja performed another stealthy deed last night (although no pics to prove this move) at the Border’s bookstore in Modesto. They had two copies of your book shelved in the regular Ancient History section….not even in the New History area. Well, right now they look right at you as you walk in the front door because they are perfectly placed on the New Books table….upright in all their glory!


  • Kate CA

    So I can vouch for a certain foothills-living lady who certainly moved books on our last trip to Borders…


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