This is it, folks! Publication day! (Balloons and streamers?….Hello?…..Hello???)

Actually, with your first book you discover that “publication day” is a total bust. The real action happens before (prepub reviews) and after (general media reviews). The day itself goes by without any particular fanfare.

However, in honor of Publication Day, I’ll post a new link to online chapters of the History of the Ancient World (also linked in the right-hand sidebar). You can read a new interview with me here. The Barnes & Noble online editors have posted a kind review here. And I’ve just discovered that I have a Library Thing page here.

In other news: I’ve just gotten back from a three-day conference in Cincinnati, where I gave six workshops, signed a lot of books, and met quite a few very friendly readers–including this lovely bunch, who all got together in a nasty-colored-green conference room, on the second day of the conference, because they all post regularly on the Well-Trained Mind message boards.

(See how much the green does for our complexions?) Thanks, Michelle, for the photo.

My next speaking engagement is at the Smithsonian on April 14–so if you’re in the area and want a one-day course in ancient history, come on by.

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  • Suzanne

    Congratulations! Your book is next on my reading list – I can’t wait.

    There are quite a lot of WTM fans on LibraryThing. Someone even started a WTM group there recently:

  • Gretchen

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for wiping out the SWB supermom mythology in your linked interviewed. Of course you still do more than most of us…

  • strider

    I enjoyed both meeting you and hearing your teaching. I also took a good look at your newest history book and was quite impressed. It is written in chatty, comfortable language but yet stuffed full of wonderful information–nothing fluffy about this one! 🙂 I was also pretty dazzled by the sheer scope of what you covered in this book. I look forward to working through it with my dd in a few years when she reaches high school. Thanks.

  • JFS in IL

    Happy Publication Day to You……..ok, I am singing off-key, but then hubby took my copy of HOTAW to read daily on Metra and won’t give it back 🙁 I told him he better write a review for Amazon when he is done!

  • Lori

    Happy Pub Day! My friend Gina very much enjoyed listening to your talks at the convention…wish I coulda been there!

  • melissa

    Best wishes to you!!!
    We’re wrapping up SOTW Vol. 4 – what a wonderful journey (we’ve been with you since Vol 1).
    Would you mind commenting on the issue of taking down the cross at the W and M chapel?
    Thank you for all your hard work!

  • Caryn

    Congratulations on publication!

    Although my dd is heading off to college in the fall, I just used a B&N gift certificate to order my copy. I appreciate the informal tone, and am looking forward to seeing what you say about Gilgamesh. The book sounds like good read-aloud material for our family time, and maybe it will shore up a few holes in the dd’s ancients history before she “hits the road.”

    Much success with it–break a pencil!

  • anno

    I’ve been casting about for an interesting “backbone” text to use for my homeschooled daughter’s (age 14) ancient civilization course next fall. Most materials in this area seem geared for either younger children or a collegiate audience. I saw your book today at B&N, and it looks just perfect — what a gift!

    Congratulations on your doctorate & publication!

  • Denise in PA

    Actually, Susan, your brown skirt looks lovely against the green background. lol!

  • Andrea

    I live in DC and saw an ad in the Post for your talk — hope it goes well! Would love to come, but can’t swing the admission fee for both my husband and myself. Am continuing to enjoy your book, though!

  • Amy in MD

    I am really looking forward to your talk this Saturday as well as being in DC for the day! Can’t wait!

    Congratulations on all of your recent accomplishments.


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