Until this very moment, I did not realize that I have actually scheduled my dissertation defense for the Ides of March.

SOOTHSAYER: Beware the ides of March.
CAESAR: What man is that?
BRUTUS: A soothsayer bids you beware the ides of March.
CAESAR: Set him before me; let me see his face.
CASSIUS: Fellow, come from the throng; look upon Caesar.
CAESAR: What say’st thou to me now? speak once again.
SOOTHSAYER: Beware the ides of March.

Thanks, O Gentle Readers, for pointing that out.


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  • Jeannette

    Haha! I purposefully scheduled my thesis defense for March 14, to avoid such a coincidence. 🙂

  • Jennifer in OR

    Do avoid Caesar salad on that day.

  • The Tutor

    Hee hee! Sorry I mentioned it. It’s like a weird tic in my head. I hear or read the date “March 15th” and hear the phrase “Beware the Ides of March” in my head. Next time I’ll try to refrain from typing them! 🙂

    You’ll be fine.

    You’ll be fine.

    You’ll be fine.

    DOCTOR Bauer.

  • Michelle in MO

    I did a search on the History Channel website, “This Date in History,” to encourage you. Here’s what I came up with:

    My Lai Massacre occurred in Vietnam
    The War in Iraq began
    LBJ sends federal troops to Alabama
    St. Patrick died
    Stanley begins his search for Livingstone

    So, it’s a mixed bag! Don’t worry—every date in history has its problems! You’ll do great! I just found out this week that a dear friend from elementary school, who was diagnosed with serious learning difficulties, received her PhD in chemistry from Georgia Tech. She now has 4 degrees under her belt (2 bachelor’s degrees) and is working on her second master’s degree. You’ll do great, Susan! We’re proud of you!

    By the way, I love your new book!

    – Michelle in MO

  • PariSarah

    Oh, I’m definitely going to do that!! That sounds like fun!

    The only thing preferable would be to find a full moon Friday the 13th. That would be perfect.

    Blessings to you. You’ll be fine! You’ll do great! Remember: they want to get rid of you–by graduation, not assassination!

  • Sherrill in WA

    Hey, you’ve handled hecklers for years at your talks and your booths (curriculum fairs). These ivory tower types should be a breeze! I bet you have the most speaking experience of ANY previous candidate, and you think really well on your feet.

    I think you’ll do an awesome job! Ides of March, ppffffffttt!

    Don’t let the post-vacation blues get you down. It’s a real comedown from a tropical paradise to a late-winter-not-quite-spring Virginia. ; ).

    You go, girl!

  • Michelle in New Zealand

    My husband and I were married on the Ides of March and our son was born on Friday the 13th. So for me, both dates are truly blessed.

    Carpe Diem!

  • Aubrey

    Match Day, the day when nearly all medical students find out what residency they’ll be going to, is also on the ides of march. So you won’t be the only one worried about your future on that day. Just know that thousands of uptight, Type A, nearly-doctors will be with you as they wait anxiously to open their envelopes and discover where they’re going. I know I’m excited!! I do hope it goes well for you.

  • Jennifer in OR

    I got a very sweet note from Amazon today:

    “Dear Amazon.com Customer,

    As someone who has expressed interest in books by Susan Wise Bauer, you might like to know that The History of the Ancient World: From the Earliest Accounts to the Fall of Rome will be released on March 26, 2007. You can pre-order your copy at a savings of $10.18 by following the link below.”

    Wow, that’s a 34% discount. Everybody, order NOW!

  • Trish

    I just got my copy and it looks great. Can’t wait to dive in. Hold baby niece or read Susan’s book? Hm, tough call.

  • Gina

    You’ll do great!

    I’m looking forward to hearing you speak in Cincinnati next week.

  • Giraffe Family

    Best Wishes!

  • Heather_in_WI

    Good luck today!!!! 🙂

  • Amy in NH

    Thinking good thoughts for you today…

  • Heather in VA

    Just watch out for senators. Today is my newly five year olds birthday as well. Next year we are having a toga party.

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