I’ve been travelling and speaking again–this week to an education conference in Kelowna, British Columbia, which has a beautiful lake and mountains. I don’t get to go to Canada very often, and it’s a treat to connect with my Canadian readers.

Kelowna, snapped from the road above my hotel

Happy Canadian readers

The hospitable and charming Sherri-Ann, who was assigned to be my “minder” for the conference.

The trip to the west coast gave me a chance to go to my brother’s fortieth birthday party. Bob’s old college friends came from Austin and DC and elsewhere for a surprise.

Apparently, when geeks relax, they take up digital photography.

Bob (middle) and friends

Bob (middle) and friends, continued

Good for me, though, as Bob took a bunch of photos for me this weekend; I’m hoping one will suit for my publicity photo. I’ll post the contenders when he gets them onto a disk.

And next week, back to writing; I’m also expecting to get the copy-edited manuscript back any day now, and I’ll put up an image as soon as it arrives.

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  • Sherri-Ann

    Nice pic Susan, are my eyes closed? Thanks so much for sharing with us this weekend. It was absolutely amazing. I hope you and Mary had a great time!
    Maybe I will see you again if you bring your family to the great white north. SA

  • Teresa

    I was one of the lucky ones in Kelowna. Susan, thank you so very much! I put my kids through so much this past year (our first year of homeschooling resulted in too many worksheets, writing, and miserable kids). Your talk has given me the courage to change how we are doing things.

    Thanks again!

  • Kolbi

    I’m so glad Bob got to take some pictures of you! I’m sure there’s going to be beautiful!

  • nancypants

    I so wanted to go!! **sigh** instead we are moving which is of course GREAT but all year I’ve been planning and hoping to go and meet you, hear you speak, etc… (I’m in Calgary, nancypants on WTM message board)
    Glad you enjoyed Canada and that Canada enjoyed you! :^D
    Next time, you must just to the other side of the Rockies!!

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  • Joseph


    To find something you can enjoy is far better than finding something you can possess

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