Here it is. The edited manuscript, waiting for me to go through every page. By February 4.

That’s my table of contents, pinned on the board to the left, for my reference. And taped up in front of me is a list of synonyms for “war” (conflict, strife, quarrel, squabble, battle, fray, clash, skirmish, brawl, melee…) which I find myself in constant need of while editing. How many times can you say “War broke out” without needing a little variety?

Will report on my progress shortly.

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  • Colleen

    Ah, the search for synonyms, the sportswriters eternal frustration…

    “The Seahawks BEAT the Steelers.”

    “The Seahawks TROUNCED the Steelers.”

    “The Seahawks ROLLED OVER/DEFEATED/ELIMINATED….the Steelers.”

    (Do you sense a common theme in my examples?)

    War, sports, it’s all the same idea, right?!

    Cheers to you, Susan!

  • karenciavo

    1100 pp รƒยท 7 = bring me loads of chocolate and coffee :o)


  • Diane

    Yikes, isn’t February 4th really soon? Fasten your seat belt!! Love your synonyms (I found another one: oppugn (to fight against, assail.) It appears to be pronounced like something from Inspector Clouseau’s repertoire! Isn’t it a great word?)

    I cannot believe you have a beagle named Noodles. Would he really eat your manuscript? He looks sooooooo innocent.

    Warm wishes to you as you burn the midnight oil,

  • Melora

    War seems to be a pretty common theme in history. When I ask ds, age 7, to tell me what happened in our history reading, his usual answer is “There was a war and they died.” (Then we go back and fill in with a little more detail.) He will be glad to hear that even the experts find endless wars a little monotonous.

  • Susan in TX

    Wow! How much does it weigh? ๐Ÿ˜‰ At least you know the end is near. Happy editing, and I second the “bring on the chocolate,” and would add, the coffee! To Diane above, Yes, the average beagle eats nearly anything. We had one years ago that ate a rock. ๐Ÿ™‚
    We’ll be praying for you this week as you edit and juggle the rest of your responsibilities,

  • Camy

    You’ve encouraged me to make a poster of synonyms that features common expression I use when teaching my boys each day. “Sit down” “Stop dawdling” “Be quiet” “Stop dropping/sharpening/losing/stealing your brother’s pencil” “No, you can’t eat right now”…

    Thanks for the great idea!

    I am sure you will wind up, top off, polish off, deal with, and bring to effect the daunting task of cruising through that manuscript. Go, Susan, Go!


  • Miz Booshay

    Dear Susan,

    Do you set a daily goal for yourself, in order to accomplish these large editing, writing tasks?

    It would encourage me to know how you manage this type of large job.


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