I was searching for a copy of the SAT essay rubric today (I was asked about it and wanted to check my memory on a couple of points) and found it on eprep.com–along with this introduction.

We’ve discussed a lot on ePrep in prior posts about the new SAT Writing section it’s now mandatory component, the essay. To catch up on the topic, be sure to go back and read and watch our prior posts.

And that’s on a major SAT prep site.

One I won’t be recommending.

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  • Sebastian (a lady)

    I’m reading Digital Barbarism by Mark Halperin. The book is largely about the topic of copyright for authors, but it also covers much more. One major theme is how the immediacy of the electronic age has increased quantity of expression, but at the expense of quality.
    The quotation strikes me as an example of something that would have been corrected if the author had retained the habit of reviewing his words.
    (Hubris almost requires that there be a glaring error of grammar or spelling in what I just wrote.)
    By the way, if you haven’t read Digital Barbarism, you should. I think you would enjoy it greatly as an author and publisher. And his writing is lovely and elegant. It is the sort of book that makes me want to search out his other books.

  • Sebastian (a lady)

    Looks like my mistake was getting the author’s name completely wrong. So much for that Google box as spell checker.
    Digital Barbarism by Mark Helprin.

  • Amanda Read

    HAHA! I always had a feeling those standardized writing tests were a joke…

  • Donna Lynam

    This is not about your blog. I attended SCL and then one of your forums. I could not find it ,but do remember you asking for anyone who wanted to participate in an experiment on writing with children.. I teach 5th& 6 th graders and would like to know more

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