Time for me to embarrass my oldest son by telling him how wonderful he is.

Final decision has been made–he’ll be attending the University of Virginia this fall. (Hurrah! Within driving distance!)

But I’m even more impressed with his gap year projects; I just got this picture from his time working with a relief organization in India.

What a great kid.

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  • PollyOR

    Sigh. What a touching picture.

  • Heather Q.

    The University is where I would go if I could start all over again. That is easy driving distance, good for coming home on weekends!

  • Di

    Love this pictures, Susan.


  • Pamela Ficarra

    That is wonderful. You must be very proud. He is a reflection of how you raised him so good job Mom.

  • Christina M.

    I’ve so enjoyed hearing about his gap year as future ideas for mine. Tell him thank you for letting you share so much about his decisions and good luck in the fall!

  • A Daring Adventure

    I absolutely ADORE hearing about his Gap year projects.

    What a darling picture. He looks JUST like Peter.

    I would love to know more about how you guys found these gap year projects and how you decided upon the ones that you chose.

  • Bet

    What a great picture!

    Congratulations and WahooWa! 😉

  • Heatherlee

    Now that is touching!

  • Christina

    What an amazing picture. He will never be the same. What an experience as he begins this next stage of his life.

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