Christopher and I flew into LAX yesterday, met Bob and Heather (my brother and sister-in-law), and headed straight for the LA Conference Center to get our Peace Hill Press booth set up for BookExpo. After a few culture shocks on the way,

we arrived. The hall was divided up into publisher spaces, and the exhibition company in charge of running the show had delivered all of the boxes/furniture/posters shipped ahead of time to each publisher’s spot.

Bob and Heather set up the PTSB (the Portable Trade Show Booth–it’s a metal framework with a blue velvet surface that forms a backdrop for our booth),

and we spent a couple of hours unpacking boxes and trying to figure out how to turn blank space into an attractive display.

By this morning, Norton had finished setting up its space too (we’re distributed by Norton, so our booth is actually within their aisle, which means we also get to benefit from the their plushy blue carpet instead of standing on the concrete floor.) Compare this with the night-before photo up top!

I’ll take a few more photos today and report on the day’s happenings as soon as I can…

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  • Angie

    Your pictures are only showing up if you click on them… but I must know, what’s with the guillotine?

    Angie (from WI)

  • sleep-deprived

    Wish we could come meet you in person while you’re in town. You have really brought the Ancient World to life for both my oldest son and myself. Enjoy your visit and the weather 🙂

  • Heather

    Some of those booths are incredible aren’t they? Josh just designed one for a tech company that had a huge tornado in the center.I think he said it was 15×15… some company’s 100th anniversary. They gave away a Harley. I’d rather get that than free pencils!

  • Suzanne (Bryan) Brock

    Hi Susan! I wish I could come say hi while you’re only 20 minutes away, but with a newborn and a cold I don’t think I’m going to make it. That picture of gas prices is crazy–it’s hovering around $4/gal down here in Long Beach. I know you’re probably at the Book Expo Sunday morning, but if you’re looking for a wonderful church to attend that morning, let me know and you can come with us. 🙂

  • A Circle of Quiet

    I was coming on to ask Angie’s question…what’s with the guillotine? A nice option for obnoxious visitors to the booth? Are you planning on publishing Tale of Two Cities? Are you starting a “Revolution” in the book business? I must know (-:

    Sorry about the gas prices. Rex and I are in the Bay Area this weekend, and I actually screamed when I pulled into the gas station…when did THAT happen?

    Do we get to see pictures of the teen and the niece?

    Happy travels,

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