NO, NOT ME. (Just to get that out of the way.)

My brother and his wife welcomed their first baby over the weekend:

Bob and Baby

Eight pounds, thirteen ounces; for more pictures, go here. Her name is Dorothy Jean Rainbow Wise; Rainbow because we all nicknamed her Rainbow before she was born (as a joke) and it seems to have stuck. Anyway, they live in Seattle, where you can get away with that kind of thing.

Heather and Dot

Book-related posts will resume shortly…

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  • e

    Welcome, Dot!

    Dorothy and Rainbow in the same name…Bob and Heather aren’t Wizard of Oz fans, are they?

  • Bob Wise

    Well, we weren’t Oz fans before the name, but we sure are now!

    -Bob and Heather

    PS: Looking forward to buying that first pair of ruby slippers! 🙂

  • JFS in IL

    What a cure baby! Love the name _ I had an aunt Dorothy, and my oldest dd is named Jean! Yeah, another Jean in the world!

  • Patty in WA

    Congratulations to the lovely parents and the wonderful baby.

    If Dr. Aunt decides to visit, we would love to have you and all comers as our guests. Just lemme know when.

    The happiest days are when babies come!

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