Highly insightful and positive, that is. (Is there any other kind?) Thanks, kind reviewers at the Richmond Times Dispatch and at Books & Culture (which made The Art of the Public Grovel its Book of the Week).

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  • Christina

    This was very interesting to read, especially the Books and Culture review. We have just started a family blog recently, and my husband has his own blog (more academic in nature), and I thought to myself the other day,”There are probably so many thousands of blogs out there, everybody thinks they’re writers!” I’ve always wanted to be an author of literature (secret dream), and everything I’ve ever written (journals, letters, papers, Bible study answers) is tainted by the thought,”What if someone reads this someday? What will they think?” The idea of confession, and people wanting to get their own opinions out there and tell all, like it is, is thought provoking at least, and a little convicting. Where is the line, then, for sharing ideas, and what’s going on or connecting with like-minded folks about life issues? Hmmm…these are good things for me to think about at least. Goodness, I don’t know if any of that makes sense, but I appreciate your work so much and look forward to your upcoming projects as well. We use your history books for homeschooling our kids. Have a great night. Christina

  • elise

    After reading the Books and Culture review I’m really going to have to get myself a copy of that book… but I just got going on The Well-Educated Mind” and actually read half of Don Quixote before my 3rd-born arrived this July… and now homeschool has begun for my 5 year-old…
    The stack continues to pile higher…

    The more you blog, the happier I am, even if we are trivializing confession…

  • Susan

    I have a distinct memory – and maybe I dreamt it – of reading a list of science books on your site. I have a 7th grader, and am looking for a science curriculum. Could you point me to that link?

    Thanks very much,

    Susan Reeve
    Tabernacle, NJ

  • Susan
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