I’ve just posted my 2012 speaking schedule online right here. So if you’d like to come say hello in person any time over the next year, maybe you can choose one of these fine venues.

I’m contemplating taking a break from speaking in 2013, by the way, so THIS MIGHT BE YOUR LAST CHANCE for a while. (Experimenting here to find out if creating scarcity will produce a huge swell of additional interest and activity. Well…okay, a swell. Or a bump.)

As you’ve probably noticed from the paucity of blog entries, I’ve been writing hard; most of my creative energy at the moment is going into the History of the Renaissance World. But I should have some interesting updates for you before too long.


  • Audrey

    I am a huge fan of “The Story of the World” series and am currently on Volume II. I love to read books on my iPod Touch in ebook format for easy reading on the go. Is there any way possible to access The Story of the World Volumes II through IV in ebook format? (The first volume I already have on Kindle). Thanks!

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