Back on an airplane again

I’m sitting in the Richmond airport, getting ready to fly JetBlue to New York, where tomorrow evening I’ll be speaking at the Princeton Club. I’ve got several other interviews [...]

Want to call in?

I’ve got four radio interviews about the Art of the Public Grovel scheduled this week. If you happen to be able to tune in to any of them, please do…and a couple of them are call-in [...]


Today’s National Talk Like a Pirate Day. Avast!!! I be writin’ a history o’ the world! It be driving me to me grog! Arrr!!!! Not sure why that feels so good.

Run away!

Three or four months ago, my patient husband and I made reservations at the Harraseeket Inn in Maine, so that we could celebrate the completion of the History of the Medieval World.

The myth of publication day

As of this week, you can buy the Art of the Public Grovel here and here and here and in a number of other places, including bookstores in Canada and England and Japan. You can read an excerpt [...]