First day of school

Not for the kids (they’ve been at it, on and off, all summer)–for me. I’m back to teaching at William & Mary this fall. Only one class (that’s about all I can manage [...]

Books from Princeton and Spain

Yesterday, two boxes of new books arrived in the same mail delivery. The smaller package was my hot-off-the-press copy of The Art of the Public Grovel, which is now shipping from the Princeton [...]

And now back to real life.

My fortieth birthday was delightful. I had breakfast in bed and presents and a lovely birthday dinner at home on Friday, and another dinner at the Blue Talon on Saturday. It was a wonderful [...]

(Clearing throat, finding pitch…)

Ahem. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR ME, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEE. Yep, I’m forty today. And although people have been making cracks about aging all week, [...]