Things that annoy me

1. It takes forever to get over the flu. 2. Cough syrup gives me brain fog, with the result that I can no longer write a clear sentence or anything like that. 3. The “z” key on my [...]

Darn it, darn it, DARN IT….

I was just getting going on the second draft and finding some kind of momentum when I GOT THE FLU. I haven’t had the flu (the real thing) in eleven years. Well, this is it. (My cousin, [...]

The Namdaemun burns

Perhaps off-topic for this blog, but of great importance for historians: the Namdaemun, the ancient gate to the city of Seoul, has burned. I saw this gate on my trip to South Korea; we went to [...]

Maybe I should buy some salad.

So, just an update on how the second drafting is going…. Since my last post I’ve second-drafted chapters 49, 50, and 51, made two chocolate cakes, a corn pudding, three loaves of [...]

Contemplating the home stretch

So here it is, the first day of February. On my calendar I have a large red bar marking off the next three months. It says: Feb. 1 through May 1. History of the Medieval World. No Other [...]