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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-27

  • Suspect that long-term health benefits of distance running may be offset by necessity of dousing myself with Deet to run in mayfly season. #
  • Apparently Virginia has rotated unnaturally close to the sun. Where's the Syfy Original Movie team when you need them?? #
  • Tomes on Renaissance banking going on and on about florins. Mental lightweight that I am, waiting for someone to whip out the iocane powder. #
  • The World Cup comes to Middle Earth: #
  • Heading off to Williamsburg to give the plenary address at the Society for Classical Learning annual conference. #
  • Bank thermometer says 104 degrees. #
  • So instead of a SyFy Original Move where Virginia falls into the sun, we get THIS: I liked my idea better. #
  • Lookee at all these unanswered emails. #
  • Back to the Society of Classical Learning this morning. #
  • Working in middle-grade writing program at Swem. Nice and quiet here. Everyone gone for the summer except for me and bored student at desk. #
  • Sitting on hill near Governor's Palace, behind boxwood garden, overlooking split-rail fence & sheep. And there's a wireless network here. #
  • Driving home: when you live in cornfields, vast open spaces become full-grown forests within weeks. Strange sudden limiting of view… #
  • Two kids in the air today: one on the way to music camp in NYC, the other on the Sydney to LAX leg of his trip home. I may need chocolate. #
  • Only took 5 phone calls and 7 hours to get Citicards to unblock DS18's blocked credit card. What DO they spend that 29% annual interest on? #

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