• Suspect that long-term health benefits of distance running may be offset by necessity of dousing myself with Deet to run in mayfly season. #
  • Apparently Virginia has rotated unnaturally close to the sun. Where's the Syfy Original Movie team when you need them?? #
  • Tomes on Renaissance banking going on and on about florins. Mental lightweight that I am, waiting for someone to whip out the iocane powder. #
  • The World Cup comes to Middle Earth: http://tinyurl.com/2635uoe. #
  • Heading off to Williamsburg to give the plenary address at the Society for Classical Learning annual conference. #
  • Bank thermometer says 104 degrees. #
  • So instead of a SyFy Original Move where Virginia falls into the sun, we get THIS: http://tinyurl.com/29pyxtz. I liked my idea better. #
  • Lookee at all these unanswered emails. #
  • Back to the Society of Classical Learning this morning. #
  • Working in middle-grade writing program at Swem. Nice and quiet here. Everyone gone for the summer except for me and bored student at desk. #
  • Sitting on hill near Governor's Palace, behind boxwood garden, overlooking split-rail fence & sheep. And there's a wireless network here. #
  • Driving home: when you live in cornfields, vast open spaces become full-grown forests within weeks. Strange sudden limiting of view… #
  • Two kids in the air today: one on the way to music camp in NYC, the other on the Sydney to LAX leg of his trip home. I may need chocolate. #
  • Only took 5 phone calls and 7 hours to get Citicards to unblock DS18's blocked credit card. What DO they spend that 29% annual interest on? #

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  • Christina M.

    You mean iocane powder is not real?!

  • SFKC

    Mental lightweight



  • Jacqueline

    Perhaps your son could bring some iocane powder home? Seeing as how it comes from Australia (peopled as it is with criminals, who are used to having people not trust them, so clearly I can’t choose the wine in front of…) Stopping now.

    Hello from a long-time lurker and PHP junkie.

    ~ Jacqueline (from Aus)

  • MamaGeph

    Another unlurker, here.

    I am only wondering what would happen if a young person flying fron Sydney to LAX with some iocane powder in his luggage hit turbulence and crash landed on a strange island full of polar bears and pockets of magnetism…

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