• Family day. Must involve Settlers & cookies. #
  • That would be Settlers, cookies, and moving heavy furniture. Like you do. #
  • Didn't have to get up early this morning. So naturally was wide awake by 4:30 AM. Huh. #
  • Doing grammar this morning. "A noun is the name of a person, place, thing, or idea" is unexpectedly complicated to explain. #
  • DS16 is driving, I am in passenger seat. Roadside ditch seems very, very close. #
  • Kind of regretting that I ever found out about deglazing a pan with heavy cream. #
  • Back in (historical) Italy for the rest of the day. Not as good as the real thing: all the complicated politics, none of the great food. #
  • "The counts had the usufruct but not possession…a fact given imperial sanction by the capitulary of Kiersy." AGGH. (I didn't write that.) #
  • "The nascent bourgeoisie broke the feudal trammels." Think I might research in another book for a while. This one's annoying me. #
  • What do you suppose the "spirit of clientelage" is? And why do histories of the maritime republics lend themselves to such prose? #
  • Ah, there's no help for it. Before I can finish this book, I'm going to have to read up on economic history. A lot. Boo. #
  • 8 hours yesterday learning about Genoese banking, 3 hours today attempting to define abstract and concrete nouns: not much WRITING so far. #
  • Bright cool morning, breakfast outside; kids wandering around yard with dogs & apple muffins, mourning doves in wood nearby, sound of water. #
  • Time for homemade pasta with mushrooms and mindless TV. So done with this week. #

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  • Ellen

    Usufruct? Clientelage? Good grief. I wonder if the author uses such words in everyday conversation? Perhaps it’s his or her goal to be an appalling bore?

  • Sara

    Susan, I’m recalling a line that I think was in the WTM, and I want an accurate reference for it in the book I’m putting together. Can you help me find it? Something like:

    “spread knowledge out in front of them, and let them feast”

    Sara S.

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