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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-23

  • Excited about the rain. Less exciting that it's coming down on the day we were going hiking for dh's birthday. #
  • Getting ready to see Robin Hood with dh. HOPING for movie home run. #
  • On the plus side for historical accuracy, Russell Crowe actually SOUNDS English– #
  • Happy birthday, Pete! #
  • Apparently our phone line has been fried by lightning. If you've tried to call us, better use the cell numbers instead. #
  • Heading up to DC tomorrow for initial workshopping at the Teaching Company. #
  • Today is an editing day. #
  • For those who asked: I posted my review of Robin Hood. #
  • Oh, look. I'm sitting still on I-95. Again. #
  • Finally home. May have to buy helicopter to travel back and forth to Teaching Company headquarters in DC. #
  • Helpmeet responsibilities today: 1) Show up at Pentecost service & sing, 2) Provide nibbles & optimal viewing environment for Lost finale. #

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