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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-25

  • DS18 is in China. At wrong airport, unfortunately. #
  • DS18 has arrived safely in Nanchang. Whew. #
  • Trying to get service at Verizon store. Will never get these hours of my life back. #
  • Dear Verizon: when a store has 15 salespeople and 1 technical service guy, you are sending a clear message about priorities. #
  • Verizon techie, after we've spent over hour waiting in store: "Well, we don't actually FIX phones here–" #
  • If one more person who should know better misspells my name, I may have to steal a helicopter and assassinate the Russian prime minister. #
  • Everybody should kick back with me and relax for a few minutes: #
  • Grading papers. 'Nuf said. #
  • I am really done with today. Pity it's only 11 AM. #
  • And NOW I'm done with the day. Whew. #
  • Getting ready to miss my connecting flight…unless something dramatic happens… #
  • And…I make it on AS the jetway pulls away. #
  • Apparently the "finest hotel in Springfield" only serves food until 9 PM. WAAHH. #
  • Apparently going to bed without dinner. Don't like this day. #
  • Hotel breakfast buffet (only thing available) not compensating for last night's lacks. Eating PB on toast in attempt to ingest protein. #
  • This hotel is full of Shriners. #
  • I forgot my MacBook adaptor. And I just broke the clip on the lapel mike. Waiting for water in cup to turn to blood, next. #
  • Done speaking for the day. Now there will be delicious food and drink and peace and love and joy. #
  • Friday night in Missouri atrium hotel = many stewed Shriners whooping outside my door. Not that there's anything wrong with that. #
  • Heading out for a second day of talking about books. #
  • I think my brain is broken. #
  • Saturday night in Missouri atrium hotel = local high school prom complete with shrieks and subwoofers. Stewed Shriners preferable. #
  • Sitting in Springfield airport with a cup of coffee. Peaceful morning. Peaceful airport. (Also no plane yet, but you can't have everything.) #
  • I am stranded in Chicago. #
  • United cancelled my flight for no explicable reason. Next flight tomorrow afternoon. Other airlines booked. Hate United w/perfect hatred. #

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