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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-21

  • Heading off the grid for family day. #
  • DS18 called from India. He went on a camel safari, took a 15-hour bus trip to Delhi, likes his volunteer job in the Rajasthan desert. #
  • Just ate Baskin-Robbins brownie hot fudge sundae w/peanut butter & chocolate ice cream for dinner. Don't worry, I'll take some vitamins too. #
  • Writing tonight's lecture: clarity and simplicity in sentence style. #
  • Heading home from ER with DD9: concussion and fractured clavicle. NO MORE HANDSTANDS! #
  • Man, are we tired. #
  • To clarify earlier remark: should one WISH to do a handstand, it is apparently better not to do so on a concrete sidewalk. #
  • Today: picked trash up off farm roadfront. Understand how beer bottles & Coke cans get thrown out car windows. The dead chicken puzzled me. #
  • Working on Renaissance history: today is all about the Circassian Mamluks. #
  • Apparently Plants vs. Zombies is helping DD9's fractured collarbone feel MUCH better. #
  • Just finished Kevin Roose's The Unlikely Disciple. Felt myself transported back in time (and not in a good way). #
  • Terps fans, all together now: AAAIIIIGGGHHHH. #

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