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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-21

  • A werewolf would have eviscerated loud paper-crumpling whispering couple next to us, thus improving movie tremendously. #
  • Watching Olympic snowboarding. I know this is supposed to be a real sport. It doesn't LOOK like a real sport [age showing]. #
  • Tuesdays are my Mondays. #
  • Working on tonight's lecture, editing a manuscript for Peace Hill Press, hoping to get back to Renaissance Europe before 3 PM… #
  • One out of three isn't too bad… #
  • DS16 has brand-new learner's permit! Hurrah, hurrah! #
  • Some cosmic intelligence-sucking force must compel NBC interviewers to ask, "How does it FEEL to triumph/epically fail at the Olympics"? #
  • I think Tiger Woods read my book. #
  • Getting ready to comment on Tiger Woods apology for Channel 13. #
  • WVEC in Hampton, 5:30 news–if you're local, tune in to catch me comment on Tiger! (Unless, of course, it gets cut. Always a possibility.) #
  • William & Mary asked me to comment on Tiger Woods via the W&M YouTube channel: #
  • Yesterday was busy. Can't…get…moving…today… #
  • Not sure making cherry streusel coffeecake is really the most theologically sound way to kick off the first Sunday in Lent. #
  • Nearly sixty degrees and sunny. Going riding this afternoon, for the first time in weeks. #

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