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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-19

  • Still sitting at kitchen table, trying to finish manuscript. German shepherd still sleeping, border collie in fight to death with pine cone. #
  • Will…finish….MS…today. 5 sets of lessons left to go. #
  • One down, four to go. #
  • Two down, three to go. #
  • Three down, two to go. #
  • Four down, one to go. I really wish I had some potato chips. #
  • Five down! MS finished! Huge milestone for various reasons (blog post coming)! No one around to celebrate with! (No one human, that is.) #
  • Having a day off. #
  • Discovery of the day: If you call QuickBooks customer support, you get to speak to a very nice man who lives very far away. #
  • Doing business emails. Both dogs underneath my chair wrestling. Can’t wait for return of DS12 and DD8 tomorrow/end of Mom’s puppy-sitting. #
  • Today: heading to WCVE in Richmond to do interview with Lewis Lapham at radio studio. #
  • Advantage of preparing for radio interview: Not fretting about clothing choice. #
  • They are home, they are home, they are home! #
  • Waiting for the farrier. (Might that be the chorus of a country-western song?) #
  • Enrolling Son #2 in driver’s ed. Don’t I get a volume discount? #
  • Getting ready to give DS12 and DD8 a riding lesson before it gets so impossibly hot that we all melt like the Wicked Witch of the West. #
  • Back in from riding/stall cleaning/dog tending/egg gathering. Have work to do. Don’t wanna. #
  • Oh, forget it. I’m classifying this as a DIWANGD (Day In Which Almost Nothing Gets Done). #
  • All the windows open this morning; one of the few summers we haven’t felt trapped in the house by heat and damp. #
  • Perhaps it’s selfish, but I am NOT waking the kids up until I’ve had all the bacon I want. #
  • Ideal: Sunday is day of rest. High point of REAL Sunday: afternoon nap with Oreos and new episodes of Eureka. #

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