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Late afternoon in Utah

I haven’t done a new post for a while because I had to get back from New York, do follow-up, take care of Peace Hill Press business, clean my house, hang out with my children, clean the stalls, and hoe the sunflowers.

And then leave again. Drove up to Washington D.C. after lunch and caught a plane for Salt Lake City. (It was the only way to fly direct. And going out of Richmond, I could only fly business-class by going through L.A., which seemed like wasted effort.)

Anyway, here we are at the Plaza at Temple Square, on the tenth floor, separated from the outside air by the ricketiest tin balcony rail I’ve every seen.

There are mountains,

and I can see the corner of Temple Square.
Tomorrow I’ll post pictures from the Utah Home Education Association conference and a few more shots of Salt Lake City. But just now I’m going to bed.