Well, not completely wordless. I can’t really go completely wordless. But maybe the picture almost speaks for itself.

That is the copyedited manuscript of the History of the Medieval World, which is due back on May 22.

I put it in a safe place, on this shelf behind my desk.

When I sit at my desk, I can feel it watching me.

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  • Christina

    “I can’t really go completely wordless.”
    That’s funny! I have a section on my blog of pictures that speak for themselves…and it’s hard for me to put them on there and not comment on them myself!
    Nothing like inanimate objects staring holes in your back!

  • Mr. Harmless

    You should put some eyes on it so that it will be like the “money you could have saved with Geico” commercials.

  • Carolyn

    I – am – so – excited. : D There sits my son’s text for fall! You can just send it now; we don’t need a fancy cover.

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