Bread: Clearly the most essential tool to have on hand during a snowstorm.

(Thanks to nbc12.com for the photo.)

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  • Kristine in VA

    So true. It’s funny how we southerners react to the news of snow, and yet I’ve already made the mandatory trip to Ukrop’s for milk! Now we are just waiting for the start of snowball fights and hot chocolate afterwards. Hope your family enjoys it.

  • Heather

    Yes, all other activity will cease once the first flake falls. Apparently, we all sit around and eat bread. I sent Josh and the boys to purchase the obligatory two loaves last night.

  • Linda

    I LOVE that photo!

    Last week end, we had a major storm come through North Dakota. Let’s face it…this is a place that is used to snow storms.Not much ruffles a North Dakotan when it comes to winter weather. I do mean…not much ruffles a North Dakotan when it comes to weather…my Father died this winter, and on the day of his funeral Mother Nature dumped ten inches of snow on my home town in less than eight hours. Over two hundred people still showed up for the funeral and yes…we went to the cemetary for the burial… granted a snow plow went through the gate first. (As the old joke goes…You might be from North Dakota if for snow removal you upgraded from a snow blower to a BobCat.) Last Friday, our local grocery store ( a place I’m likely to meet a neighbor during a storm, because we’re both feeling a bit cooped up) ran out of bread, hamburger, milk and bananas.

  • Christina M.

    True, but personally my husband is concerned that we have enough ice cream and will be going out soon 🙂 We are excited down here on the southside for some white stuff to go along with the cold.

  • LizzyBee

    Our local Walmart was out of bread, bottled water, ice cream, milk, and some meats, and they were low on things like frozen pizza, and of course, toilet paper. Luckily, we had all the essentials. We were there for deodorant, which will be crucial if the power goes out for very long. 🙂

  • Krissi

    Here, too (SC), of course. And we didn’t even get anything in the middle of the state. Well, some ice on the trees. Shoulda seen Walmart last night, though. I picked a bad time to do the weekly grocery trip!

  • Sebastian (a lady)

    I remember reading once that right before a hurricane, stores tend to run out of water, batteries, beer and chips.

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