So the data recovery specialist called me this morning…


He can, however, refer me to another data recovery firm which might be able to get something back. For $1400.

Hmm. Is all that stuff I lost about theological controversies in the Byzantine empire worth it?

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  • leslie

    You might talk with someone about freezing the harddrive. I heard my computer expert husband tell someone to do this. You put it in the freezer and then quickly get the data off it while it is cold. Not sure how it works. Maybe an apple guy knows if this is possible with macs. My husband works with IBM networks.

  • leslie

    By the way, my 15 year old son is enjoying your new history book. He is making connections and loves the maps. He runs to me with new tidbits. He is not normally a history buff, but is really getting a lot out of your book. Thanks and see you in Orlando.

  • JFS in IL

    Oh, so sorry, this is awful!
    Glad you still have a touch of humor, though –
    LOVE the image you found for this post!

  • Warren

    I just bought your History of the Ancient World Book. I love it and I love your style of writing. This is the first book I purchased of yours, but after I finish it, I’m looking forward to the others.

    I hate to hear about your data. I work in IT and unfortunately there are times with hard drives are unrecoverable. I hate to hear that, but if it is a new beginning for work you’re not satisfied with…. well, things happen for a reason.

    I do sympathize though.

  • Cindy in C-ville

    Nope, not worth it. Do not look back. Don’t lament. Don’t pull any hari out. Simply take some more pictures with your really neat computer. But, it’s definitely time for something chocolate!

  • Amanda Read

    I can relate to that sort of frustration. I cannot stand it when an e-mail account or computer crashes and everything is suddenly – just – gone! One of our computers recently got 1400 viruses on it and all the programs had to be deleted. I’m thankful that I didn’t have all my screenwriting software on it.

    Your blog is an inspiration…how do you balance so many tasks?



  • Carolee

    “theological controversies in the Byzantine empire” ?!? I can’t handle the theological controversies of THIS era…let alone those of the Byzantine empire…whatever that is! 🙂

    You book should arrive in my mailbox anyday, and I’m looking forward to it!

  • Lori in Utah

    I’m so sorry to hear about the Mac. I don’t understand any of my computer’s problems either. It still seems like magic to me. I tell my husband that “the force is no longer with the laptop,” and he takes care of it from there.

    I was reading your bio to my father the other day. He said “Now that’s the person who should be running for president.”

    What do you say? Bauer in 2008! Sounds like a good idea to me.

  • A Circle of Quiet

    Can’t even imagine the feeling of “poof!” gone. So sorry. I’ll be curious to see if you decide the words are worth the big cash.


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