• Must…tweet…faster… #
  • This morning: working on maps for the next installation of the History of the (Entire) World. That means I get to play with colored pencils. #
  • Writing day: Looking forward to a fun morning in Leon-Castile. #
  • Check out today's Google logo–and don't forget to hit the "record" button. #
  • I have 1492 followers! (OK, that's a bit of history-geek fun.) #
  • Back finally from our library "morning." Can't seem to get three kids and four bags in and out of the library in less than an entire DAY. #
  • Sitting thru interminable dance school recital that has so far included TWO, count 'em, performances set to "Butterfly Kisses." #

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  • J.J. Valenzuela

    spending some time in castile-leon sounds great. My wife is Catalan so I spent a lot of time researching about spain from 700 to 1500 ad. Are you going to include any history about the Catalans? pretty fascinating nation that shaped a lot of things and few people know about. My father-in-law is fiercely proud of his Catalan heritage. Thanks!

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