• Epically busy day today: church, big party, many preparations for next week. Could have done without the dog pooping all over DD10's rug. #
  • DH's 1st-class birthday-present flight to SF CANCELLED by United. Rebooked us on later flight, coach. No explanations, no refund. Appalling. #
  • Will never, never, never fly United again. (Would like to point out that tickets were Continental when I bought them.) #
  • No thanks to United, we are HERE…and it is truly lovely. Now taking deep breaths. Good Napa Valley air in, bad airplane air out. #
  • 3-hour lunch w/old friends from seminary. Unbelievably affirming to discover you've been travelling same general direction in past 20 years. #
  • Today's Pete's actual fiftieth birthday. Planning a trip along Route 1 up to Bodega Bay. And the sun is out! #
  • Changed plans mid-drive today: Rte 1 to Santa Cruz, saw giant redwoods at Big Basin state park, came back through Santa Cruz mountain range. #
  • Went and took pictures of the French Laundry today like a desperate food groupie. #
  • Harold Camping might have been onto something. I think the apocalypse is beginning at the United terminal in San Francisco. #

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  • Anne

    I won’t presume you have much time for recreational reading, but after seeing the redwoods you may enjoy The Wild Trees by Richard Preston, about the (studly athletic) scientists who climb the giant redwoods to gather data for research. Lots of talk about how they actually measure those redwoods. Fascinating.

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