• Conference is over: coffee and fruit in bed with fluffy pillows, a good book, and sunshine outside the window. #
  • Happy to be back in Virginia. Would be even happier if United would actually find my bags. Yeah, and give them to me, even. #
  • Education conferences always make me want to come home & do something artsy & inefficient: write freeform poetry, bake petits fours, emote. #
  • Had to convert my personal Facebook page to a Public Figure page today. This is some sort of Life Milestone, right? #
  • Heading to NYC for Norton sales conference this morning. LOVE hearing gale-force winds howling around house as I pack for a commuter flight. #
  • My, the TSA guys at RIC are in an excellent mood this morning! (Checking to see if I forgot to put on an item of clothing–) #
  • Yesterday was a cold, rainy, blustery day in New York. Sun's out this morning. Amazing how that changes…everything. #
  • Heading to the NYPL to write about the seventeenth century. Wish me luck. #
  • The windows are open; the mourning doves are calling in the woods. #

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