• Sitting on a sled at the top of a very steep hill. Sure I can stop before I hit the Chickahominy at the bottom… #
  • Survived sled plunge & subsequent cold HOURS waiting for children to finish. Now eating flatbreads, drinking merlot, wearing fuzzy slippers. #
  • Second-day sledding: kids on sleds, sleds tied to RTV, RTV skidding across fields. #
  • Must. Think. Faster. #
  • My three sons are producing a rousing chorus of "I Feel Pretty" from downstairs. I am alarmed. #
  • It may take me the rest of the year to recover from last night's chocolate and cheese extravaganza. #
  • Celebrating the New Year by…working. #

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  • Chris

    Hi Susan,

    My daughter (age 5) begs to hear a few chapters of your books each morning. And I am learning a lot myself when I indulge her.

    I think she found a mistake on page 207, where it says “Pluto stole Ceres” by the illustration. He actually stole Proserpine, right? She would be happy to hear if you agree.

    Thanks for a lovely book.

    best regards,

  • Susan


    Tell your daughter she’s absolutely right–there is a typo in that caption! We are fixing it in the next printing. Give her my compliments–she’s very alert.


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